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COURTS   OF   PARIS,   NAPLES,    ETC.                   yi

July isL

The fermentation seems to be strangely in-
creased; and if it were not for Harry's being
here, I would return directly to England; but I
confess I am unwilling to leave him behind till I
know all is settled and quiet. Yet I am assured
there can be no danger for us, and that the un-
popularity of the Court will not affect private

The death of the Dauphin prevented my seeing
the Queen again. It has been a bitter stroke for
her, though she must have expected it. She mourns
much and receives no one without absolute neces-
sity. I understand she considers Monsieur as a
great cause of the evils now occurring, as it was

he who proposed and   insisted upon the number

of the Tiers  Etats'   representatives  being  double

that of the other orders, on the plea of its being
a larger body. He made a fine flummery speech
to the King about the justice of its being so.

Necker is very popular and makes up to the
Tiers Etats. Being a Calvinist he has a horror
of the French clergy and, being of low origin,
naturally dislikes the nobles.

The King went to another seance of the Etats
G6neraux, but was very ill-received, and Mirabeau